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passionate about serving others

ATS Infra products and services are often vital to the performance of customer's processes. We continuously strive to anticipate needs and innovatively apply our knowledge to provide the best value added solutions.

We have developed our core competence in facilitating and executing projects to meet the requirements of our domestic and foreign customers in the following fields:

  • Municipal and Industrial Water Storage

  • Municipal Water Pipelines and Distribution Network

  • Water Wells

  • Roads Construction

  • Excavation and Back-Filling

  • Residential and Office Building Construction

  • Chemical Plant Structures 

  • Municipal and Industrial Sewage Water Treatment Plants

  • Warehouses

  • Construction of Railway Stations and Colonies

  • Construction of Culverts and Pipe Bridges for Railways

  • Plots Development

  • Procurement Services for various industries

  • Ballast Supply and Stacking for Railways Projects 

  • Supply of Aggregates, Crushed Sand and River Sand for various construction projects


We have been providing services to our clients in the following range of industries with reliable solutions to their most complex construction challenges:

  • Roads Construction for Government Departments and Industrial Units

  • Municipal Water Pipelines and Storage Facilities

  • Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Industrial Buildings and Structures

  • Residential Properties Development

  • Resorts

  • Ports

  • Railways

  • Electrification Projects

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